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These trainings have been designed from personal trading experiences by our founder. Gain what is not available in books and other courses.

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Recorded sessions are a one way communication, there is no option to resolve queries and ask deeper questions. Get it in our live trainings.

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Trainings are provided by our founder personally, we do not hire anyone to teach you the theory.


Much economical compared to same trainings available at other places, even cheap than many recorded classes.

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Want to have special personalised tutor to train you? Just connect with us and we will help you out.

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Beginner to intermediate

Technical Analysis

Learn the art of predicting near future price of a scripts. I regularly watch the people who come to the stock market make profit in starting but end up their money having huge losses, this is because they don’t know about the art of technical analysis which is a hidden secret of more than 95 % successful traders in stock market, So If you want to be a successful trader, you must learn the art of technical

Intermediate to advanced


Strategy is the next step after learning technical analysis. Step sitting in front of your TV screens and computer to make profit in stock market. Instead learn the science about “why” the was given and if it is right for you.

Intermediate to advanced


Day trading is an aggressive type of trading. This course is specifically designed for the
people who want to learn the art of making money in stock market most safest and appropriate way via aggressive day trading. If you want to learn basic to advance of Intraday trading and consistent profit from market, then this course is specially designed for you.

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